Is that supposed to have an apostrophe?.. I can never remember…
ANYWAY… I figured since this is my post *deep breath.. I can do this*, I should introduce myself (and my family, of course)! So… here it goes…
I feel like this should be more formal, since well…. this is your first impression… buuuuuuut….. considering this is my THIRD.FREAKING.TRY for this ONE blog post, I’m just going to try to breeze through it. (You’d think since my dad is an electrical engineer that works on computers and stuff like that for a living, I’d be a little more computer savvy… but I’m totally not).

Third time’s a charm!

Whatever vibe you’re getting from this picture is probably correct.
My husband and I have been together since I was a sophomore in High School (and he was a junior). We’ve definitely gone through many ups and downs, but luckily, we always end up  working through anything!
He enjoys shooting, fishing, and well, anything outdoorsy actually… I call him my country boy!
He is loud, outgoing and laid back (except when it comes to the kids… he’s the “freak out parent”).
His nickname is “Buck”.. which he just recently found out I was not fond of.. (I wrote about “hating it” in my first attempt at this blog post).. It’s not really that I “hate ” it… hate’s a strong word… but it’s just so…. *clears throat*… redneck?.. It also reminds me of a deer. That’s what a male deer is called, right?
He asked me what I’d rather call him (I typically call him “daddy” if the kids are around and if they’re not, I just avoid saying his name.. no joke.. haha) and I honestly couldn’t think of a name that I’d want to call him.. So, I’m just thinking of calling him “hey” ;P

Why yes, they ARE cute!
I’ve always wanted to be a mom… ever since I was very young! I remember bringing my baby dolls with me when I’d go out with my mom; I wouldn’t just drag them along like a normal child would. I’d go into extensive detail to take my babies with me. I remember making a car seat out of a laundry basket, buckling it in and swaddling my baby. I was ecstatic when a lady in the parking lot said to me, “oh how sweet of you to be taking such good care of your baby brother” while I was carrying my swaddled baby into KMart. I’m not sure if the lady *really* thought the doll was real.. I mean, would someone really believe a mother would let a 3 year old carry their sibling around a parking lot? Thinking back, probably not. But, at that moment, my 3-year-old self believed the nice lady and I was SO excited about it.
So, when it came time to have kids of my own, I was over-the-moon.. albeit, still young… but we were ready.. Should we have waited?.. probably. But I believe everything happens for a reason and that God knows what He’s doing.
Connor is the oldest (7.5 years old). He is my caring, gentle soul and “easy” kid. Yeah, the kid you’re tricked into thinking all kids are easy…. then comes baby #2 and you think ‘WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!’.. yeah, that’s Isaac (6 years old). ;P Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the sweetest kids I know, but OMG, he can turn on the water works and make it seem like his world is coming to an end. Not even joking; he’s my overly-dramatic kid.
After Isaac, we thought we were done… and then SURPRISE… preggo with #3. Luckily, it was a GIRL this time. What the heck would I have done with THREE BOYS?! O_o .. surely, I would’ve gone insane. I was scared that would happen considering that’s my family’s “curse”… all boys. On my dad’s side, there are only two girls (me and one other cousin). So, I was super happy for Bella (she’ll be 4 next month)! She is my tomboy princess. She is a diva that loves to get down and dirty all while wearing a dress and heels.
After Bella, we felt a little more fulfilled… but we still didn’t feel “complete.”.. So, we tried for another girl using the Shettles Method. Fortunately, it worked! And we got Emmy (1.5 years old). She is my little cuddle bug and probably the easiest baby I’ve had. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m a seasoned mommy now and finally getting things right or if she’s truly just naturally an easy-going, smart, loving kiddo!
Did you notice the “tradition” of their names? No? Most don’t.. so, don’t feel bad. Let me try to make this short and simple. So, we’ve got Connor, Isaac, Bella and Emmy.
All have a double letter and two syllables! The first 3 were by complete coincidence! So, when we got pregnant with Emmy, we couldn’t just “leave her out”.. so, we scoured the internet for names that “fit”… it was hard because we weren’t “allowed” to reuse any letters (including what they started or ended with). The husband “settled” with the name Emmy (he wanted to break the mold and go with “Sophia”) and I’m glad he did because it fits her so well!

drumroll please……..
I cropped this photo because I’m hovering over a rather large piece of cake.. why am I hovering over cake?…. Because this photo was taken on my birthday (last SEPTEMBER). Yep, that’s right folks. That was the last decent photo that was taken. Why do I say “decent?” Well, because the last picture that was taken of (just) me looks like this:
My mouth was stuffed with a Dragon Roll (it was freaking HUGE) and my husband decided to take a picture and I gave him the stink-eye…. and well, this is the result. I didn’t want anyone thinking that’s how I always look! 😉
Anyway, some things about me…. people say I’m pretty quiet (I guess I can agree with that), nice (which I think loosely translates to “push over” sometimes :/) and friendly… I can get along with just about anyone… I have a “type B” personality and just go with the flow!
My parenting style is more of the “attachment parenting” style.. But I hate the stereotypes that come with that title.. so, typically, I just like to tell people that I just do whatever comes natural and what I think is best for my family.

I plan to blog about things related to the kids.. I’ll post fun things we do, places we go, what we cook, reviews on things I buy, etc. I’m a stay at home mom so be prepared for lots of RANDOMNESS.

Until next time…..


3 thoughts on “MEET THE BUCKLEY’S!

  1. Oh Bree! I’m so glad you’re blogging. What an awesome introduction! I can’t wait to see what you write next.

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